Genflow Bioscience

First in human proof-of-concept Phase I/ II Trial in Werner Syndrome

Genflow Biosciences is on the fast track to become a top performing biotechnology longevity powerhouse. An aggressive clinical development plan is underway. A team of seasoned industry leaders leads with confidence knowing there is short-term milestone potential.

Leveraging major unmet needs within communities affected by issues related to ageing is a key factor for aligning with Genflow Biosciences.

First in human Phase I/II dose-ascending open label clinical trial with Werner Syndrome patients that will be conducted in Sardinia. We will apply to Orphan drug designation for this indication. Werner syndrome is a heritable human premature ageing disease. As a classical premature ageing disease, etiological exploration of WS can shed light on the mechanisms of normal human ageing and facilitate the development of interventional strategies to improve health span.