Genflow Bioscience

In Pursuit of Disruptive
Anti-Aging Drugs

Genflow Biosciences Ltd is a UK based biotech company with R&D facilities in Belgium and a US office in Cambridge, MA, driven by one mission: to deliver therapeutics that potentially halt or slow the aging process in humans and dogs.

The company’s lead compound works through the delivery of a centenarian variant of the SIRT6 gene and has yielded promising preclinical results.

Managed by an experienced team with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, the company is optimistic that clinical trials will continue at pace in the next 24 months.

Transformative Medicine – Compassionate Medicine

Aging is not a natural fatality. There is no rationale for a limited lifespan. Ethically, aging shoould now be considered as a risk factor that we can treat. By treating aging, we believe that Genflow Biociences can contribute to decrease healthcare costs and lessen the emotional and societal burden that comes with an aging population.

Intellectually Curious

We see aging as a natural multi-factorial process that can be treated


We have partnerships with highly experienced research centers and longevity funds


We are using most recent gene delivery tools to safely provide extra copies of SIRT6 gene to control aging


We conduct solid preclinical research foundations to support clinical testing


We are dedicated to decrease the societal burden that comes with an aging population


We want to be the first company to create a disruptive anti-aging drug via our lead candidate GF-1002

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Increased Life Expectancy

According to the United Nations the proportion of the world aged over 65 is set to rise from 9.3% in 2020 to reach 22.6% by 2100

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Increased Health Expenditure
Due To Aging

The OECD [1] estimates that health expenditure will rise from 8.8% of GDP in 2015 to 10.2% by 2030

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Slowing Aging Opportunity

For the US it has been estimated that the benefits of slowing ageing such that life expectancy increases by between one and two years is worth between $7trillion and $38trillion [2]

[2] D. P. Goldman, D. Cutler, J. W. Rowe, P.-C. Michaud, J. Sullivan, D. Peneva, and S. J. Olshansky. Substantial Health And Economic Returns From Delayed Aging MayWarrant A New Focus For Medical.  Research. Health A_airs (Millwood), 32(10):1698{1705, Oct. 2013.  And A.J.Scott, M.Ellison and D.A.Sinclair “The Economic Value of Targeting Aging”, Nature Ageing, forthcoming.