Genflow Bioscience

June 2021

An Audience with Dr Eric Leire

Genflow Biosciences are an exciting business that are unlocking the secret to human longevity. Join us as Dr Eric Leire explains exactly how they are doing this and how in the future they plan to make your Mum, Dad or Dog live longer.

A Disruptive Approach to Longevity Therapies

At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Dr. Eric Leire of Genflow Biosciences discussed his company, explaining what Genflow does and how it is funded. The company is intervening directly in the biology of aging, affecting SIRT6, which, like other sirtuins, is a known regulator of aging.

Want 30 more healthy years of life? Elephants show us the way.

You may not know that only 3% of elephants get cancer. Surprising, right?  A 7-ton mammal should produce many more cell divisions than smaller mammals, and so should generate more random mutations predisposing to cancer. So how do elephants elude cancer?  Well, to start with, elephants don’t smoke, they walk all day, and they are vegetarians. But, above all else, the answer lies in their genome.  

Eric Leire On Spotify Podcast

Dr. Leire discusses some of his background and the amazing things that GenFlow Biosciences are doing to develop gene therapies that slow or reverse aging in humans and dogs.
To listen to the podcast click here.

Longer, healthier life

What sounds like the holy grail of medicine is the most serious goal of a young biotech company from Gosselies’ BioPark, GenFlow Biosciences. This small company, one of the last to have emerged in the carolo pole of life sciences, has embarked on the development of therapies to counter the effects of aging and diseases associated with old age.